On the first day of Christmas my true gave to me…Instead of the 12 Days of Christmas – how about the 12 Days of Sewing Notions? Who wants a partridge in a pear tree or four calling birds anyway?

‘Tis the season for gift giving, family time, and good cheer. The best way to show your love to your favorite sewist is with 12 Days of Sewing Notions. Our talented instructor, Diana, is sharing her favorites with us so that if you are unsure of what to add to your holiday wish list you can easily share this with your family and friends. Everyone needs some new sewing tools and sewing notions!

We give you permission to make a daily post on social media hinting for the items below and we firmly stand behind you and your wish list! Feel free to tag Fabricate Studios so we can comment and help your family and friends realize how much you ‘need’ these things in your life!

12 Days of Sewing Notions

  1. Bobbinsaver round & squared…. Keep your bobbins in check with a Bobbinsaver. No more untangling or chasing across the room. Go classic with the Bobbinsaver round or double your bobbin storage with the Bobbinsaver squared.
  2. Seam Fix Seam Ripper… This seam ripper has a little rubber beehive on the cap that helps you clean up all the bits of thread leftover from seam ripping. 
  3. Snips… keep these by your sewing machine for quick & easy thread snipping. Need a place to stash your snipped threads while you work?? Make your own thread catcher with this tutorial. Bonus points for popping a 3m hook on the side of your machine to stash your snips.
  4. Bluetooth Earbuds… Not exclusively for sewing, but a pair of bluetooth ear buds keep you tuned into your playlist or podcast without the danger of cutting a wire. 
  5. Air Erasable Marking Pen… Mark anything, mark everything. The line will disappear over the next few days or take it out right away with a bit of water. You can use this for sewing and quilting, but it can also be helpful for marking embroidery and cross stitch.
  6. Love to Sew podcast… Put your bluetooth headphones to good use and stream this podcast while you stitch. Get inspiration, hear other makers stories and learn a few new sewing techniques along the way. 
  7. Pattern Paper… Not exactly “paper”, but this material will make long lasting patterns and templates. You can also sew your pattern pieces together to test fit. 
  8. Flatter Spray… Help your finished seams sit a bit flatter with Flatter spray. The sweet citrus scent of Yuzu is my favorite. 
  9. Seam Roller… For quick heatless pressing while you’re sewing. This is great for pressing seams in quilts so you can keep piecing. It’s also amazing for hard to press materials like leather and vinyl.
  10. Needle Threader… Save your eyes! Make quick work of threading a needle and get back to hand sewing. You can even do the slip knot threading technique with this needle threader. 
  11. Comic Book Boards… What a great way to store your fabric! Fold your fabrics around these comic book boards to make mini bolts that fit on a bookshelf and make your fabrics easy to see. 
  12. Fabricate Gift Card… Now that your notions box is full, put those tools to work and learn some new skills with us at Fabricate Studios. 

If you were creating your own 12 Days of Sewing Notions – what would be on your list?  We love to hear about the favorite sewing tools, sewing notions, tips and tricks of our fellow sewists.