Quilting Classes

Looking for some quilting classes? If so, you’ve found the right spot. The 101 classes are perfect for learning how to start quilting. Once you complete those, there are even more courses you can take. While the 101 courses are specifically for beginners, the rest usually need some knowledge of quilting before you start. Feel free to try them if you already know how, though!

Fabricate Studios offers many classes, with something for every skill level and hobby. Sewing, embroidery, and knitting are some of the topics you might find. The difficulty ranges from beginner to professional, or even easy classes designed just for kids. These Quilting classes are just a small part of the many classes that we offer, so don’t be afraid to take a look at other classes. Even if you like these kinds of crafts best, sometimes taking a peek at other classes is well worth it.

Don’t have the materials or skills for a class? Don’t worry! We often provide the materials for classes and include their costs in the price of the class. In the occasion that we do not include some or all of the materials, you can find them at any craft store. Do you need to learn before you jump in? If so, we have plenty of 101 classes available for all sorts of topics, including Quilting Classes. Feel free to look through our selection of classes for one that you might be interested in, then find classes that build on what you’ve learned!

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    Quilting 101

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