Happy Halloween!

This is potentially our favorite time of year for teaching kids sewing lessons at Fabricate. Combining our student’s love of Fashion Design and sewing makes for the most exciting projects! This year, we had two students with broad ambitions:

Imani was cast as St. Cecilia in her school play and when all the other kids were buying their outfits, Imani and her mom brought in fabric and an inspiration picture and said “let’s do it!”  We worked to draft a pattern, cut, stitch and give it the finishing touches.  Amani looks amazing in her creation!

Mira has a sketchbook full of gorgeous ideas; she settled on “Rebel Riding Hood” and we went to work!  We made a muslin (protype) of the cape, utilized a mannequin to help get the drape of the cape just right and then made the finished cape out of a gorgeous red cotton.  Mira had an old pair of jeans that were upcycled into a corset and the project was complete!

We’re already scheming with the girls about ideas for next year!