Machine Embroidery Private Lessons

We receive many calls about machine embroidery private lessons. This is a great way to learn how to get the most out of your embroidery machine. Most of the people who sign up for private lessons are new to machine embroidery. However, the lessons are also perfect for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and understanding.

Machine embroidery is a wonderful compliment to an existing sewing business or simply to create personalized and custom items for family and friends. If you have a small business offering handmade clothing, tote bags, handbags, quilts and more – you can easily increase your profits by offering to personalize those items with machine embroidery. With a wide variety of fonts you can create so many beautiful and unique monograms. There are tons of wonderful digitizers that offer beautiful embroidered designs and appliqués that can completely transform your project.

Our Instructor & Her Work

Our machine embroidery instructor, Heather, is the owner of GeminiRed Creations. If you are looking for inspiration for projects to make or items you’d like to learn about, you can visit her website. Heather has made everything from stuffed animals and toys made completely on the machine (known as in the hoop (ITH) projects), vinyl key fobs, monogrammed tote bags, golf towels, and sandals as well as embroidered pillow wraps and embroidered toilet paper (yes, that’s a thing!).

Machine Embroidery Private Lessons

During your private lesson you will learn about

  • stabilizers and needles needed for specific project types
  • hooping your project
  • floating (a technique of not securing your project in between the two pieces of the hoop)
  • prepping your projects to ensure the best results
  • about valuable resources regarding where to purchase designs and supplies

Where to Buy Supplies

Heather has an influencer page on Amazon (affiliate link) with a board specific to her favorite embroidery supplies. These supplies range from scissors and thread to blanks that can be embroidered and a variety of stabilizers. If you have a business license, you can purchase stabilizer in bulk from a great local wholesale company – Gunold – which is where Heather purchases tear away and cut away stabilizer in large quantities. They have a local office in Kennesaw where you can pick up your order.

A few of Heather’s favorite digitzers to purchase designs and fonts from:

Crashing Waves Designs
Designs by JuJu
Designs by Little Bee
Embroidery Garden
Ohana Appliqué Designs
Parker on the Porch
Planet Appliqué
Stitchtopia (beautiful fonts)

If you are ready to jump into embroidery or learn more about it, we’d love to have you sign up for a private lesson.

Note: Heather uses a Janome MB4S embroidery machine for all of her projects which is a 4 needle machine. Though multineedle and single needle machines are set up differently, the general function and use is the same. For lessons each student brings their own machine to the studio in order to learn more about the machine that will be using regularly. She has worked with students who have Brother SE400, Brother PE770, Brother PE800, Janome Memory Craft 12000 and Janomoe Memory Craft 400E machines.