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If you are a sewing and crafting professional, or simply looking to start your sewing and crafting hobbies, we have compiled a list of sewing and crafting resources for you!

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Sewing and Crafting Resources – Tutorials

Pinterest – DIY Crafting Tutorials by Jennifer Maker, over 2,000!

Jennifer Maker has created a beautiful Pinterest page, filled with multiple crafting tutorials, and her paper crafts are featured with simple tutorials to help you begin your own homemade magic!

WhatTheCraft Free Tutorials

What the Craft is a great place for those looking to start or sharpen their sewing skills, because Lex, the author, provides her readers with simple to follow tutorials to create gorgeous clothing, all by yourself!  Check it out for sewing and crafting resources!

Crazy Little Projects – Free Sewing Patterns

This blog is a wonderful crafting resource if you’re looking for quick and easy crafting because Amber offers tutorials for gift ideas, at home items, and even children’s items. Everyone can find a new craft to try on Crazy Little Projects.

Pinterest – Free Sewing Patterns by So Sew Easy, over 4,000!

Free Sewing Patterns offers just that, free sewing patterns. No more paying for patterns in a book or online, this page gives you several sewing projects all for free. This is every sewer’s dream!

Accuquilt – Free Quilt Patterns

If you’re more into quilting than sewing, this page is for you. Accuquilt offers free quilt patterns to get your next project started. Simple to follow tutorials that have gorgeous end results!

Fave Quilts – Over 900 Patterns

Similarly, Fave Quilts is another quilter’s haven with over 900 free tutorials. With beginner’s quilts, baby’s quilts, and more advanced patterns, Fave Quilts has something for everyone.

All Free Crochet –  Crocheting Patterns for Free

If crochet is your craft of choice, be sure to check out this page for free patterns. With hundreds of patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find one you love!

Look at What I Made – Tutorials, Patterns and Book Recommendations for Crocheting

Here is another great resource for those looking to begin or continue their crochet art. This page offers free patterns and tutorials, to help even the most advanced crocheter perfect their projects.

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Online Sewing and Crafting Resources


Pinterest is an excellent resource for crafts.  Simply log into the site, or set up an account if you don’t have one, and search for whatever crafts you’re looking for. You can search by craft name, such as “origami,” or “scrapbooking,” or you can simply search for craft ideas, such as “Christmas crafts.” The beauty of Pinterest is that it’s basically an online pinboard, where resources from all over the web are saved. Forget googling for hours, because Pinterest has everything you need!

Oriental Trading Post

Oriental Trading is an excellent place to shop if you’re looking to buy crafts in bulk. You can search for most anything you might need, and Oriental Trading will have something for you. There are make it yourself kits available, as well as already made crafts to offers as gifts to others.


Art supplies are a must for those interested in crafting and Blick makes choosing and affording art supplies much easier. Offering paints, brushes, canvas, framing, and more, Blick guarantees every artist finds what they need, furthermore, don’t forget to check out their frequent discounts to make your supplies even more affordable.


Another site that caters to the writer and artist with its convenient, travel ready, art supplies is Ooly. Ooly offers paints, brushes, pens, and paper, all ready to take along in their beautiful case, and they have a variety of colors and tools to captivate every artist, inspiring them to begin their next work.


Amazon has stolen the market for online shopping and crafts and art supplies are in no shortage for them.  Therefore, if you’re not ready to make a trip to the store for some more paint or yarn, simply go onto your Amazon account and order the supplies there. Also, it pulls from multiple retailers, offering their customers a variety of options to find the right product for your needs.


Perhaps you’re not into crafting, but want to support local artists? Etsy is the site to browse to help a local mom and pop shop, because each store on the site offers an individual’s personal work, whether it be paintings or bows, all are handmade, and you can also find crafting resources and patterns in several of the Etsy shops!


Looking to shop in person to experience the full glory of choosing your craft supplies? Michael’s is a wonderful franchise with locations all over the United States. You can visit the store and enjoy your time browsing arts and craft supplies, helping to inspire your next project!

Joann’s Fabrics

Similarly, Joann’s is also another great store if you prefer in store shopping. Colors don’t always look the same on the computer screen, so check out your local Joann’s to find the best color for your project. Joann’s caters toward the sewing, knitting, and crocheting side of crafting, so if those are your specialties, you’ll definitely want to check this store out!

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Sewing and Crafts Resources on Social Media

Instagram Accounts on Sewing and Crafting Resources

  • Crafting CultureA great page filled with DIY and craft ideas to spark your creativity.
  • Crafting This HouseA page created by a wife and mother, snapping pictures of DIY and crafting ideas to fill your home with joy.
  • Sewing_and_Design_SchoolA great account for those looking to learn about sewing, drafting patterns, and tailoring workshops.
  • MerricksArtDaily fashion inspiration and sewing tutorials. Created by a mom for moms.
  • ThatsSewMonicaAnother wonderful Instagram page filled with sewing inspiration and tutorials!

Pinterest Boards on Sewing and Crafting Resources

  • Green Kid CraftsA great page for those looking for craft ideas to do with kids!
  • Mod Podge RocksAn account focusing on DIY and crafts, offering unique ideas for parents and teachers alike.
  • The Sewing LoftA Pinterest page stemming from The Sewing Loft company, focusing on sketching and quilting.
  • So Sew EasyAnother great page for those looking to learn easy, beginner’s, sewing.
  • All Free SewingFree sewing patterns for the beginner and advanced artist.

Sub Reddit Groups on Sewing and Crafting Resources

  • Sewing– A community for people that sew: Frequent daily updates from other people who also love to sew, providing inspiration and technique!
  • Cross StitchAn online community offering patterns, discussions, and giveaways!
  • QuiltingA sub reddit for those interested in learning about quilting, sharing their quilts, and offering support for quilters.
  • DIYA page for doing, building, and fixing your own things.
  • Handmade – Anything made by hand: People share their handmade crafts and items, therefore offering support and encouragement for one and another.

Facebook Groups on Sewing and Crafting Resources

  • Sewing Room IdeasA page for organizing and decorating ideas, with sewn items.
  • CriCut Craft IdeasAn online community for craft lovers to share items and ideas.
  • Sew Much CraftingNo online selling allowed, just support and inspiration for crafting and sewing.
  • Crafts and DIYsA group for lovers of crafts and DIY to share ideas, handmade item

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Selling Your Sewing and Crafts Online


Etsy is an easy and ideal place to sell your crafts. Share your talent on the world wide web by creating a small Etsy store. Also, setting it up is easy! Simply choose a store name, create the page, and start promoting yourself! All sales are done through the Etsy platform to help protect the seller and the buyer, also you can chat with potential customers about the projects to ensure you create exactly what they want. Finally, Etsy is a great way to make a full time, part time, or supplemental wage.

Handmade at Amazon

Selling on Amazon is ideal for every artisan, due to no upfront cost, and Amazon provides all the packaging and shipping for you! Amazon does limit handmade to North America, but you’re sure to find plenty of customers. To start, simply fill out an application and start marketing yourself!


Aftcra is another great resource for those looking to sell their wholly handmade products, because items can be listed on the site for free for up to six months. Also, if you’d like, you can relist your items again for another free six months. Once an item sells, Aftcra collects a 7% fee, but gives the remaining amount to the artisan. Simply email Aftcra to get your products listed!


If you’re looking for a website to do all the online work and marketing for you, then Artfire is the way to go. Artfire offers artists and also crafters a monthly plan ranging from $4.95 per month up to $40 per month. Also, each plan offers a variety of listing fees, ranging from $0.23 per item to completely free. Each subscription offers promotional tools and other resources for the artist to succeed.

Handmade Artist’s Shop

Similarly, Handmade Artist’s Shop requires a monthly subscription, ranging from $5.00 a month to $10.00 a month. There are no hidden fees beyond the monthly fee, and once you’re subscribed you can sell handmade items on the website, so simply list your products and start making money!

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