Sewing Classes Near Me – How To Find A Class

Have you been searching Google (or any search engine) for “sewing classes near me”? If so, then this blog post may be just what you need to find a good start. We describe what you might be looking for in a good sewing class, and how to find what you want.

What should I be looking for in sewing classes near me?

There are several factors you may want to keep in mind while looking for sewing classes near you. First and foremost is location. Considering that this whole post is based on you asking “Where can I find sewing classes near me?”, this one is hard to miss. Atlanta is quite spread out, but unfortunately there aren’t many options for local sewing classes. Fabricate Studios is located in West Midtown, 1/2 mile from I-75 on Howell Mill Rd. Our weekday class times typically begin at 10am and 7pm, to reduce frustrations with traffic, since we realize most customers are coming after work or from somewhere else within Atlanta. We also offer weekend classes, making traffic less relevant.

The next big factor is the quality of the class you’re taking. If you don’t learn anything, then what was the point of the class!? A good way to determine quality is to check out the reviews.  You can view all of Fabricate Studios’ Google reviews by clicking here. Facebook also offers reviews for some businesses, if they allow them.  On Facebook, businesses can “turn off” reviews.  My guy says that a business who doesn’t allow reviews probably doesn’t have great reviews…but that’s just my opinion.

The elephant in the room is always pricing. Everyone has a specific budget that they are working with but a cheap class (or classes) may not be worth it if you don’t learn skills that you can replicate at home on your own. The big box stores that offer sewing classes typically teach project-based classes.  Meaning, you sign up for a beginner class where you’re making holiday placemats, or a pencil pouch, or something else.  At Fabricate Studios, we teach in a skills-based format.  This means that you’re making a project, but we’re breaking down each step into skills that you can use on other projects once you’re at home sewing on your own.  For example, if we make a napkin, you’re learning how to cut fabric on the grain, measuring seam allowance, sewing mitered corners and topstitching an edge. When sewing a tote bag, we’re focused on aligning print directional fabrics, how to install a lining and handles, and making the tote bag fully reversible.

Lastly, make sure the class you choose is a good fit for your current skill level, and that the class content focuses on a difficulty level that suits your needs. There are many beginner classes out there, but choosing a beginner sewing class that sends you home with the abilities and confidence to repeat those skills on your own is an important criteria to look for when searching for a “sewing class near me”. But if you know the basics and want to learn more advanced techniques, then be sure to look through all the sewing classes that are offered to select the one that’s best for you.

How do I find sewing classes near me?

If you Google this phrase, a map of businesses might pop up.  These recommendations are based on Google’s search history, website analysis, and keywords that you typed in. The map feature on Google when searching for “sewing classes near me” to easily see how far classes are from your home or work.  If you are searching at home, but want see if there are any classes near where you work, include the zip code to your “sewing classes near me 30318” to the search bar.

On the other hand, if there are a few places on your radar, don’t be afraid to research the ones you already know about. Ask around to see if anyone you know has taken classes there and if they had a positive review from the experience. Classes, difficulty, and teachers will vary from store to store. In Atlanta, many of the stores which offer sewing classes have friendly owners — and we can definitely recommend some of those based on what you are hoping to learn!  We want you to be successful and fall in love with sewing.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for on our website, send us an email ([email protected]) and we’d love to connect you with another business that might better fit your needs, or connect you with an instructor for private sewing lessons.

How do I find the highest quality class?

The higher the skill level class you’re looking for, the harder it will be to find high-quality classes that are accessible. You can always reach out and suggest a class to the store. However, you will probably have more success seeking out private instruction for skills that you don’t see listed as a class.  If you are looking to learn a specific skill and can’t find a class near you, email us! We know many skilled teachers around Atlanta and can usually put you in touch with someone that can help.

I found a good class at a good price, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for it.

Admittedly, lots of beginner sewing classes teach you how to start sewing while also teaching you more advanced techniques.  At Fabricate, our instructors are truly masters and they have taught hundreds of students how to sew.  Don’t be afraid if Sewing 101 sounds too complex.  We’re walk you through all the steps one by one until you get it.  And if your machine is still in the box, that’s ok!  We have lost of students who come to the first class with a brand new sewing machine. You’ll learn how to sew on your new sewing machine starting the first class. In the second class we’ll build on material from the first class.  You’ll be amazed at how much you learn and the projects you create in just four sessions.

There are other qualities you may look for, but these four are the most common and the most important. While one of the best ways to search for a good class is how you likely got to this blog post (searching “sewing classes near me”), you should also search for reviews, ask friends, or schedule time to walk through the space and speak to an instructor before registering. We hope you’ll find a class to love!