At Fabricate Studios we are extremely lucky to have a group of talented instructors on our team who follow our passion of sharing their sewing skills with kids and adults. Laura does a great job of working with and sharing her talents with our young students. Read along to learn more about Laura’s Sewing Wish List & Favorite Things.

We asked our instructors what items are on their wish lists as well as their favorite ‘must haves’ so we could share with you. Share on social media or print it out so you can hint to your family and friends the items you wish were in your stocking this year.Sewing Wish List & Favorite Things

Sewing Wish List & Favorite Things
  • Olfa 45mm Rotary CutterI love the handle and that the blade pops out and retracts back in and locks. The lock is tight and secure and I don’t have to worry about the blade coming loose if someone touches it.
  • Omnigrid RulerI love these rulers. Literally everything about them. The size. The grid printed on it. The acrylic material it’s made out of. The weight of the ruler. All these elements come together to make a solid ruler for cutting and measuring.
  • DIY Bra Kits by Madalynne Intimates – These bra kits come with everything you need to make a custom bra which takes out the fuss of having to source all the materials yourself. Madalynne also offers many of her bra patterns for free making her website a one stop shop.
  • Womens clothing patterns by Greenstyle Creations – I love these patterns. The sizing options are plentiful and run true to size for the most part. The patterns are well written, easy to read and crafted for sewists of all levels. The designers have an excellent variety of casual wear and they are constantly adding new patterns to their collection. Another reason to love GSC, they just started selling their own gorgeous activewear fabric that work with their patterns and their community FB group is like a supportive family that you want to hang out with.
  • Kids clothing patterns by Brindille & Twig – Beautiful variety of easy to read patterns for sewists of all levels. They even offer a few patterns for free which is nice to sample before you buy more…because you will want to buy more!
  • Handmade seam ripperI bought this seam ripper at an art festival a few years ago with the idea that it will be something I pass down to my future children. I have my grandmother’s thimble and one day that thimble and my seam ripper will belong to my daughter. 

Do you have any favorite items to add to the list? Do you have any items in  your sewing kit that you will pass on to your kids?