Amazing Secrets About Our Instructors

Have you met our instructors? Really met them? If you’ve taken classes at Fabricate Studios you probably know a few of our instructors, but perhaps you didn’t know the extent of our fun and eclectic group of instructors who love what they do!

You’ve probably been to websites and found the ‘about us’ page or some boring bios about the people that work and/or teach there, but you never really got to know the person behind the bio.

Good news! We are going to share Amazing Secrets about our Instructors. Okay, maybe that’s extreme and they aren’t actually amazing secrets, but we will be sharing some fun details you may not know about, even, your best friends!

In the coming weeks, hear more about some of your favs from the studio! Diana, Kerrie, JoAnna, Laura and Lily will be sharing their inner most secrets, or at least some little known facts about who they are outside of the classroom.


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