COVID-19 Kids Policies

**At this time we are planning to offer our Kids Sewing Classes, but with some additional precautions and restrictions.  Attendance will be limited to ensure an appropriate amount of social distancing is possible, we will be taking temperatures at the door, requiring all students to wash hands or use hand sanitizer (provided by the studio) upon arrival, and wear a mask. Beyond that, we have a secure supply of antibacterial cleaning products and will be disinfecting the space before class, in between sessions, and after class ends. We also installed a UV sanitation system on our HVAC system and have a UV sanitation unit that will disinfect the entire space when the studio is empty.  Finally, we have a commercial cleaning crew that comes in to double down on our efforts. In short, we are doing everything we can to keep our staff and customers safe. 

** Please note that our class offerings and attendance policies will be continually evaluated and can be changed at any time. Just like each of you, we are doing our best to evaluate a rapidly evolving public heath crisis and determine how (and if) we can operate safely. We will make every effort to communicate changes in a timely fashion; should there be a change to our schedule, you as a parent have a change of heart about your child attending class, or you require additional missed session due to COVID related sickness, full refunds will be issued.