Latifah Saafir Weekend Workshops

This past weekend we had a special guest in the studio, Latifah Saafir. If  you are not familiar with her, you should hop over to her website and see the beautiful quilts, patterns and fabric she creates, and so generously shared with everyone who attended. It is always a treat when we can have a special guest in the studio. And, even better when the event is topped off with with a birthday celebration for one of our attendees – complete with Sublime Doughnuts, a staple in Atlanta.

The Latifah Saafir Weekend Workshops included two day-long classes. Saturday everyone spent the day “oohing and aahing” over the Molehills quilt design, while Sunday was filled with swooning over the Glam Clam. If you are an avid quilter, or even a newbie – you will want to know more about these quilt designs and join the fun of making them.

Latifah Saafir Weekend Workshops
Theresa Childs, Latifah Saafir, Diana Taylor

Each of the quilt designs provide you with an opportunity to pair together your favorite fabrics to create a unique quilt each and every time. Pair your favorite solids with funkier patterns, try a mosiac of solids from every color of the rainbow, or strive for an ombre effect with varying shades of one color. No matter your choice in patterns or colors, you cannot go wrong.

For those of you that missed the workshops, and want to give it a go on your own, here is some valuable information to help you along.

The Glam Clam Quilt is big, bold, and fun. You can create a Glam Clam Quilt in any quilt size from baby bed to king size bed, and you can even do it all without pins and without ironing!  We hear you saying, “There is no way I can make a quilt that big without pins and ironing!” But, it’s true.

Check out our Inspiration Pinterest Board for more Glam Clam eye candy, and ideas for your quilt.

Latifah Saafir Weekend Workshops
Latifah Saafir sharing her lovely quilts

In the Molehills Quilt workshop we tackled curved piecing and learned a relaxed version of foundation paper piecing. This pattern has several options including a paper pieced version and an improv version. Mix and match to make it your own.

Check out our Inspiration Pinterest Board for more creative ideas.



Latifah Saafir Weekend Workshops
Molehills Workshop

Though our main focus is on our regular classes, we are actively looking into bringing in other guest instructors on a rotating basis (12-18 month rotation). And, Latifah will likely be back in the future with a different workshop. If you missed last weekend’s amazing workshops, be sure you are signed up for our newsletter and never miss another update about classes, workshops, and special events!


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