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Sewing 101: Beginner Sewing for Teens



Learn beginner sewing skills including how to use a sewing machine, fabric selection and making 4 awesome projects! This class is designed specifically for teens.

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Do you have a teen eager to learn how to sew?  Sewing 101 for teens is a 4-part series designed specifically for teens who are beginning their sewing journey. Our instructor will help your teen learn to sew from step 1 — even if their machine is still in the box!

Class 1: We jump right in, teaching students how to thread their machine, wind a bobbin and use the stitch selector. We’ll even get started on our first sewing project, creating a pocket for a tote bag.

Class 2: We’ll sew a tote bag and include the pocket made in the first class. We’ll talk about fabric,using directional fabric, picking a lining vs your exterior fabric, installing handles, top stitching and more.

Class 3: Let’s make some fabric weights! These handy tools are perfect for keeping your patterns in place for tracing and cutting.

Class 4: We’re making a tool roll-up organizer. This clever project is perfect for storing all the tools your need for your sewing projects. We’ll be reinforcing the lessons learned in the first three classes, honing in on your sewing accuracy, and more.

We’ve taught hundreds of people from children to adults how to sew — and we can’t wait to teach your teen!

Prerequisite: None

Skills Learned: all the basics of your machine, backtacking, corners, curves, zippers, trim, linings, bindings, installing handles, hand stitching and finishing.

Instructor(s): Sarah

Cost: $375 if you bring your own sewing machine, $400 if you rent ours. Note: rental machines remain at the studio. If you love sewing as much as we do by the end of your fourth class, we can help make recommendations for a machine that is perfect for the projects you want to create.

Class includes 10 hours of instruction. Students provide supplies for this course, supply requirements are listed on the supplies tab.

Class Dates and Supplies: click on the Upcoming Dates tab to see dates and times of our upcoming classes. Click on the Supplies tab to see a list of materials needed.

Sewing 101


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  • May PM: class meets Tuesdays, May 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th from 6:00-8:30pm 🗓
  • July Intenstive PM: class meets Tuesdays/Thursday, July 9th, 11th, 16th, and 18th from 6:00-8:30pm 🗓

We also offer private lessons (in-person and virtual) for adults and kids. If you’re eager to get started or our current class times don’t work for your schedule, email us to compare calendars.

If you’d like to be notified when future classes are added to our calendar, please complete this form.  For questions, email us at [email protected] with SEWING101Teens in the subject line.

General Supplies List: Many of the items listed below are available locally, with shipping, from Stash Fabrics. We also have an Amazon list with some of the supplies here

Supplies List for Class #1: Tote Bag Pocket

Supplies List for Class #2: Tote Bag

  • Everything listed above under the General Supplies List
  • 1/2 yard quilting weight cotton fabric for exterior
  • 1/2 yard quilting weight cotton fabric for lining
  • Coordinating thread, should match your fabric
  • You’ll want an additional set of fabrics to complete your homework

Supplies List for Class #3: Fabric Weights

  • Everything listed above under the General Supplies List
  • 1/2 yard of quilting weight cotton
  • Coordinating thread, should match your fabric
  • Spool of matching ribbon
  • Small bag of rice
  • Small funnel

Supplies List for Class #4: Roll-up bag

  • Everything listed above under the General Supplies List
  • 1/2 yard quilting weight cotton fabric
  • 1 package extra wide, double fold bias tape in a coordinating color
  • Coordinating thread, should match your bias tape
  • 1 yard ribbon (optional)