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Displaying threadwork in your home

Fabricate Studios was recently include in an article: 10 Tips on How to Showcase Your Textile Artwork in Your Home. Create a focal point Hang a quilt or frame quilt blocks to create a focal point. A bonus to displaying quilts is that they absorb sound, a perfect addition to any spare room to help…

Dear Santa…I’ve Been Good

Shannan who teaches a variety of classes at Fabricate Studios from knitting and crochet to kids classes and more says “Dear Santa…I’ve Been Good” and has a fun list of items to share with everyone. Her wish list is short, but her favorite things and suggestions for your kids who love to sew are worth…

Machine Embroidery Private Lessons

Machine Embroidery Private Lessons We receive many calls about machine embroidery private lessons. This is a great way to learn how to get the most out of your embroidery machine. Most of the people who sign up for private lessons are new to machine embroidery. However, the lessons are also perfect for anyone who wants…

Sewing Classes Near Me – How To Find A Class

Sewing Classes Near Me – How To Find A Class Have you been searching Google (or any search engine) for “sewing classes near me”? If so, then this blog post may be just what you need to find a good start. We describe what you might be looking for in a good sewing class, and how…

Atlanta’s Sewlebrities

Keep your craft local – check out our list of the Sewlebrities of Atlanta: Local Artists and Crafters Small Fashion Companies in Atlanta Big Craft Businesses in Atlanta Local Artists and Crafters Aaronica Cole | The Crunchy Mommy Aaronica is a mother of three, self-proclaimed millennial cusp-riding blogger who write often on motherhood, at-home hacks,…

Sewing and Crafting Resources

Sewing and Crafting Resources – Fabricate Studios If you are a sewing and crafting professional, or simply looking to start your sewing and crafting hobbies, we have compiled a list of sewing and crafting resources for you! Table of Contents: Sewing and Crafting Lessons and Tutorials Online Crafting Resources Sewing and Crafting on Social Media…

Best Beginner Sewing Machine Recommendations

Beginner Sewing Machine Recommendations There’s one email question that’s more popular than any other we receive; what sewing machine do we recommend for beginners. The answer isn’t always a simple one. Knowing the customer’s target price point and sewing goals are critical details for recommending an appropriate machine. Some students want a beginner sewing machine…

Sewing Thread Choices – Fabricate Studios

folder_openFabrications, Sewing
How to Choose the Correct Sewing Thread for your Project All sewing thread is not created equal.  Some projects will require special types for the best possible finish.  Let’s find the right one for your project! POLYESTER – recommended for Beginner Sewing, Sewing 101 classes Polyester is a good “all purpose” sewing thread, so you…